Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Serving in Santa Isabel

 I´m serving in an area called Santa Isabel. It´s about 15 minutes from downtown Cordoba. The ward here is very nice. I think that they´re used to having missionaries that can´t speak spanish very well so they´re pretty patient with me.
I´m having a good time here, but I just want to work more. Or maybe better said I want to teach more.
 We've been spending a lot of time following up on references from the splash. The splash was when all of the missionaries in our zone come to our area and contacted people. We´ve already gone through most of the references, but there are few who want to meet with us. It´s been kind of discouraging. I need to develop my finding skills and just talk to everyone that I can. 
We have found one family through the references that I´m hopeful for. We had two lesson´s with them and the husband has a cousin who is a member here in Santa Isabel. I´ll let you know what happens with them.

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