Monday, February 16, 2015

Arriving in Argentina

When I left the MTC on tuesday for Argentina I was ready to be humbled. I really expected the worse. but actually things aren´t too bad here. I´ve had to get used to hearing spanish all the time, but it is much easier to understand now. And the people are pretty patient with my slow speaking. Every time I speak I imagine how I must sound to them. I bet I have a pretty thick accent. I have a new respect for anyone who speaks with an accent. I´ve tried mate and blood sausage and neither made me sick. The rest of the food is pretty good (if I didn´t cook it I can´t complain).
My story for the week is from yesterday. It poured for most of the day. After church we got a ride to our lunch appointment from a member of the ward. While we were driving I felt like I was in some kind of documentary about climate change. The rain had turned some of the roads into streams. I would not have been surprised to see someone kayaking down the flooded street. But there were still people on the roads driving just the same as ever. It was pretty surreal.
However more important than the new language and the new country is the fact that I know that the LDS church is just as true here as it is back home in Oregon. God loves his children here the same.  I have only been in a few lessons. And most of the time my trainer Elder Sparks is talking. But I can still feel the spirit strongly. And I make sure that when I do say something, it is prompted by the spirit. Because those are the things that the investigator needs to hear.
View from our apartment

Missionary apartment
Elder Sparks and I

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