Thursday, December 22, 2016

We´re getting in the christmas spirit here. A few weeks ago we made a chistmas tree on the wall with christmas lights that were in the pension so were feeling pretty festive.

Some stuff that happened this week:
-My companion shaved his legs and being the faithful companion that I am I acompanied him (see photo below). Like I said its hot here and having badly shaved legs helps a little. But I think it´s just going to be a one time thing...

-On Friday and Saturday we did an exchange and I went to Ancasti. While there we had to help out an offended member of the church, That's probably one of the hardest things to deal with as a missionary because you can´t take sides. You just have to think "what would Jesus say?" and then say it. 
-On sunday I had to speak in Catamarca and Valle Viejo and I also had to teach the book of mormon class in Valle viejo.When the missionaries who were dedicated to valle viejo were taken out Elder Jones and I were left in charge of helping the struggling branch, So our area is now a lot bigger, but that just means that we have even more people that we can help. It´s amazing to me that I can do this as a 20 year old kid. But the mission really changes us. Although it doesn´t change the fact that I turn pretty red when I get nervous. so I was pretty red sunday. haha. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas time and can take time to remember the birth of our Saviour and think about what he did for us,

Love you all,
Elder Lulich

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