Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Transfers were yesterday. I will be staying here in Catamarca with the Elder Jones. (His middle name is Indiana. For real! How cool!) We had some good times with Elder Velaztiqui but I am also excited for this new transfer and a new companion. my district leader said in his farewell testimony to the ward, "if there is no change there is no progress". So I´m hoping to progress a lot this transfer.
This last week Carlos was baptized! It was a miraculous baptism because that day he was feeling very sick and he didn't think he would be able to be baptized that day, but he wanted to do it so much that he went anyway with a terrible stomachache to be baptized. He has so much faith, it often astounds me. 
Also we had some crazy changes in the zone. Our already little zone of 10 elders has now shrunk to a zone of 8 elders. I will be the district leader of the only district in the zone. Like it or not we are going to be one unified and tight knit zone ha ha. It will be a challenge, but it will be fun. I know that things won't be so hard if I really love what I do. 

 The beginnings of a parade. These next few days Catamarca will be full of people from other provinces for a religious festival on the 8th.

The baptism of Carlos

 A beautiful Catamarca street

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