Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Well after only 6 short weeks in Carlos Paz I´ll be heading out to another area in the province of Catamarca. What happened was that the assistant to the president were going to be moved to our area to work. We knew about this new change for a few weeks, but we heard that we would be staying in the area to work with the assistants also. Boy did we get a surprise Saturday night when the zone leaders called and said that both Elder Jackson and I would be leaving the area. It sure was a bummer to hear that. 
I still haven´t gone to my new area or met my new companion. I´ll be finishing his training. His name is Elder Velazti, he has a little over a month in the mission, and I've heard that he's pretty cool. I´ll be meeting him on Thursday after I go to the trainer training tomorrow. So next week you´ll get a photo. 
One cool experience of the week was meeting Daniela. We met Daniela on Saturday while getting on a bus to another part of our area. in the 10 minute transit we shared what we do as missionaries and invited her to chuch the next day. And she came! And she didn´t only show up at church  but she really liked it too! In the class of Gospel principles we talked about obedience and even though she was only there for the first time she shared a beautiful testimony about how obedience is love. It was awesome to hear. I hope she can keep on learning more with the assistents now. And I hope I am able to meet more people like her in Catamarca! 

Have a great week.
Elder Lulich

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