Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hot and windy
That´s basically my summary of how catamarca is. Hot and windy. This week we already had temperatures in the 90's, and "technically" spring doesn't begin until tomorrow. From what the catamaqueños tell me, in the summer the temperatures get up to 110 and more. But it's a bearable heat because it's dry, very different from the "sweaty blanket" heat of Córdoba.
For only having about two months in the mission Elder Velaztiqui is already a natural at this missionary business. He has no fear to meet new people or to testify of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don´t have to much time to tell you all of my adventures, but here are some pics.

Pic 1&2: reunited! because my bus to catamarca left super late I took advantage of the extra time and visited Parque liceo. I saw David and Jesica

 and also Mabel Pineda

Pic 3: our awesome ward mission leader 

Pic 4: a giant hot dog I ate today

Pic 5 Elder Velaztiqui and I

I love you all!
Elder Lulich

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