Friday, July 29, 2016

This week was pretty miraculous, but it didn't end very well. The baptism of Claudia and Ana was suspended due to problems in the family. Elder Pereira and I are still figuring out how we're going to move forward and help out this family. I think that this is a chance for us to prove how much we really love Claudia's family. Everything was easy until now. Claudia came to church the first time we invited her and accepted a baptismal date super quick. There was bound to be a bump in the road to test our faith. This morning as I was studying and pondering the best way to help Claudia's family I thought about how much obstacles help us learn. For example: my study was a lot more rewarding when I was doing it to find the solution to a real-life problem. President Alliaud used to say ,"If you don´t have questions, you won´t get answers." I think we can also say ,"If you don't have opposition, you won´t grow." So I'm praying a lot that we can help Claudia resolve the conflicts she´s facing so that she can achieve the goal that she has to be baptized.     

Have a great week 
Elder Lulich
Here´s a few photos of the district in La Cumbrecita. 

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