Thursday, July 14, 2016

This week was pretty great. We were able to set a baptismal date for Kevin. It was a pretty special experience. We've been trying to set the date for quite a while now, but had problems agreeing on the date with Kevin´s mother. She wanted Kevin to be baptized on a date in November and we thought that it would be best for Kevin to be baptized next week due to the fact that he already had all of the lessons and was coming to church and he really had the desire to be baptized. It was a real battle for both of us to accept the will of the Lord. The zone leaders came to our area on Saturday to do the baptismal interview of Kevin and they basically made the same argument to Kevin´s mother that we've been making, "If he ´s ready why wait?" Finally Kevin´s mom opened up and we were able to understand what the real problem was. It wasn't that Kevin wasn't ready, it was that they were afraid that his grandparents were going to get angry and react if Kevin was baptized. It just so happened that one of the zone leaders had a similar experience with his grandparents when his parents were baptized, his grandmother didn't speak with his family for about 18 years. But now that her grandchildren have gone on missions she is talking with them again. With the help of the Elder´s experience we were able to set a date for August 6th. This will give Kevin and his mother time to win over his grandparents and prepare them for the baptism of Kevin. 
Elder Pereira and I had been hoping and praying that Kevin could be baptized this week. His mother had felt that he should be baptized in November. But sometimes the will of the Lord is something different than what we have in mind. What we need to learn to do is have patience and learn to accept that he has plans that are much greater that ours, but plans that are always in our  favor.

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