Monday, March 7, 2016

This week was especially special because for the first time in my mission we are helping someone stop smoking. Or better said this is the first time in my mission that it has actually started to work. What really helps is that Yesica, the investigator, really has the desire to quit smoking. What really drives her to  give up cigarettes is the fact that it will help her three year old son Thiago have a good childhood and a good future. This week we made a plan with her so that she can stop smoking before the 19th of this month. If all goes well, and I´m sure it will because Yesica is quite determined and she´s going to have the Lord´s help on top of that, Yesica will be baptized the 26th of this month.
I can really testify that the Lord is willing to help us. hes loves us and is willing to carry the things that we don´t have the strength to. We just have to be willing and put in our best effort to do all that he says and His divine love will change and better our lives.
OOh I've got good news. First and most important do yo guys remember Rocio the first person I baptized? Yeah her and her husband Ronan are going to be sealed in May! (I don´t know if I already told you that) and Also I got chosen (with a select group of other elders) to sing a special version of Nearer My God to Thee for the Easter choir. You guys can look up the version online it´s the vocal point one. 

Have a great week

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