Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This morning we practiced the Easter program and I've got to say that we are sounding pretty beautifully. The best song by far is the Hallelujah chorus. There´s a great video from the Mormon tabernacle choir singing the song. If you want to check it out its at . In my opinion we sound just as good. Or just about as close as you can get for 6 weeks of practice. I´m super excited for this next Sunday when we´ll be performing. It´s going to rock.
I´m also looking forward to this Saturday because Jesica will be baptized! Yus! She has put in such a good effort to prepare for baptism so I´ll be really happy to see her make that covenant on Saturday. 
This week i prepared a talk for church on Sunday that i ended up not having to give. Even though I wasn't able to share it yesterday I´d like to share a little part here. I've said it before but this work blesses both he that gives and he that receives. I am sure that one of the reasons that the Lord called me on a mission was so I could see my own weaknesses and have the chance to apply the gospel of Christ in my own life to be a better instrument in His hands. The focus in missionary work/the path of discipleship is never on oneself. The focus of everything we do should be to fulfill the two great commandments Love God over all thing and love one´s neighbor as himself. As we focus our energies on serving God and our brethren the grace of God will bless us to do make the changes that we need to make in our lives to be better than we were before.  
Have a great week,
Elder Lulich
Here are some pictures of last week´s paintball adventure.

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